Huddersfield Child Sexual Exploitation

Details of the Prosecution of 20 sex criminals in Huddersfield were released to the press on Friday 19th October 2018.
This large organised gang was able to rape and degrade girls as young as 11 in West Yorkshire from at least 2004 until 2015. This came despite parents reports to police and some of these girls being in the “care” of social services.
How could he police ignore these serious offences ? Why didn’t they use their powers to get these serious criminals off the street ? Was it due to a lack of resources , a lack of understanding, a lack of training or a lack of commitment ? We’re these girls categorised as being “out of control” or unworthy of intensive help and support ?
We need to know the answers. Only then will we be able to understand and disrupt the activities of organised exploiters.
We must not just assume the modus operandi of all Asian origin exploiters is the same. Rotherham has its fair share of criminals who used girls as a currency. There are reports that the culture and teachings of Islam gives West Yorkshire groomers a green light to attack white girls. Whatever the motivations we need to understand the background and motivation of them in the same way that suspected terrorists are analysed. The harm done is certainly comparable. After all a significant proportion of a whole generation of Rotherham women have been deeply affected by child sexual exploitation. We must do whatever we can to prevent it for the future. My sincere hope is that the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse header by Prof Alexis Jay will dig deep and provide guidance in the coming years.
In the meantime what is clear is that both Social Services and the Police in West Yorkshire have dramatically failed significant numbers of vulnerable girls and their families. I have asked he council and the police to each commission independent inquiries into the scale of Child Sexual Exploitation and their organisational responses and failures.
I will also continue to pursue legal claims for compensation for all girls affected. These girls will need ongoing support and compensation will help.
David Greenwood heads a team of female solicitors who have successfully pursued cases against councils and police in Rotherham and Oxford. If you need to speak confidentially call 01924 882000 or e

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