Comments ahead of IICSA’s report on Roman Catholic child abuse from a Core Participant RC-A31

Please note – these are the opinions of an IICSA Core Participant, RC-A31. The views expressed are not those of David Greenwood or Switalskis and are published to show a view.

A number of RC-A31’s opinions have been edited from his letter to avoid causing offence.

I do not need to wait for the IICSA final report on the Catholic church in England and Wales as its reprehensible response to the appalling vista of criminality in the Church of England negates any need to do so.

IICSA has been comprehensively exposed as a British Establishment plot to dilute the historical anger of victims and survivors by a banal theatrical, staged pseudo ‘inquiry’, a silly circus engineered to provide sufficient emotional ventilation via pseudo-catharsis such that meaningful political action is thwarted or diluted. It echoes exactly the previous plots to conceal the Hillsborough tragedy and the ongoing historic attempts to cover-up the truth of the Birmingham Pub Bombings and the Birmingham Six, not to mention the freshly minted bullshit machines seeking to uncover the ‘truth’ behind the bombing of Manchester Arena and the funeral pyre of Grenfell Tower.

The plaintive whine of Prime Minister Boris Johnson that the sums spent on IICSA represent monies “spaffed up against the wall” was always dubious given the criminality of his alma mater. No doubt he will now be carefully considering how to utilise the architeture of this IICSA shambles to engineer a similar bogus ‘public enquiry’ to conceal the vast ‘spaffing’ of billions during his ridiculous failures to grasp the parameters of the current pandemic.

Football fans murdered, kids raped, council tenants incinerated, pub or pop concert patrons bombed or old folk euthanised in care homes- the subject matter is irrelevant, the British Establishment hones its fake ‘inquiry’ machine to deploy as needed with the fluffers of the media kneeling to await instructions.

No rational person can now give IICSA any response other than ridicule and weary contempt. IICSA is also a ‘trial run’ for the inevitable future attempts to cover-up the vast networks of historical and contemporary child abuse which have been shown to infest many areas of the UK but which the British Establishment thinks it can cover up as part of some inane, fatuous commitment to ‘multicultural solidarity’. The strategies deployed during this inquiry will be honed and weaponised by the British Establishment for any future inquiry which ‘public anger’ manages to demand with regard to other historical or contemporary nests of criminality which the compliant, supine media are forced to ‘expose’.

My advice to any and all past, current and future complainants is to, henceforth, reject any and all efforts to use the police, the legal system or the utterly corrupt media for redress and instead seek to utilise online vigilante systems to effect appropriate redress. There comes a time when any further indulgence of corrupt police, judicial, legal and media ‘Deep State’ apparatus becomes pointless and achieves nothing more than enabling of the British Establishment and its sly strategies.

The entire structural power and might of the Global Establishment has indeed been weaponised by the Roman Catholic church to attempt to cover up centuries of wanton abuses, aided and abetted by the media and political establishment in territories they influence across the globe. When I began to resist this global regime in 1985, I was routinely dismissed as a ‘delusional conspiracy theorist’ as were all who sought to ‘join up the dots’. Only the psychiatrically certifiable remnants of that disinformation strategy utilised by the Vatican now still cling to such straws.

I fully expect entirely irrational and delusional responses to emerge from this shameful cover-up by IICSA and even as I will recoil in horror at the likely gruesome manifestations, I will note that any and all such responses are, sadly, an entirely predictable consequence of this brazen and contemptuous behaviour by IICSA and its Establishment overseers.

You were given the option to respond appropriately and to clean out the Augean stable. You chose not to. By refusing to do so, you have not only failed to dissipate the anger, you have amplified it exponentially and taunted and goaded the collective, irrational id which may yet hold you to account and punish you. You may quite possibly reap the whirlwind. If you do, don’t expect me to do anything other than chortle as I make a calming cup of tea, noting carefully the revenges of the collective id you exposed yourselves to by failing to realise the Sisyphean task of the exposing this via the painstaking utilisation of the super-ego and ego via The Law was only ever one of the available options.

David, you can pass any/all of this on to anyone you want prior to the publication of the report on the Catholic church in England and Wales on November 10th but I will have no truck with consorting with media enablers of this fascist cover-up. Thanks once again for your attempts to help dispel the darkness. We can both look our children in the eyes and know we did what we could to shine the Light & that represents ‘the examined life, well worth living”.

With every good wish,



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