Child Abuse Lawyers

We are child abuse lawyers with vast experience, specialising in child abuse compensation claims. We work on a national basis, helping people all over the country.

If you’re thinking of claiming for compensation because you’ve suffered child abuse, choosing the right solicitor for you can be really important.

You need a specialist lawyer you can trust to help you through your claim every step of the way, and who truly understands how difficult and upsetting it can be for someone to claim compensation for childhood abuse.

Child abuse claims can be extremely complex, and the law in this area is constantly evolving, so it’s essential to choose a solicitor who specialises in child abuse claims work.

Our child abuse claims solicitors are specialists who focus exclusively on helping people who have suffered child abuse to claim compensation. They have been successful in securing compensation in many complex child abuse claims, including large group actions, and will handle your claim with care, sensitivity and professionalism.