Notable Cases

Below are details of some of the notable child abuse cases members of our team have successfully settled. If you would like to talk to somebody about your case, call our team on 0800 138 4700.

Medomsley Detention Centre

Medomsley Detention Centre in County Durham is the subject of a re-opened investigation and recent publicity into the sexual abuse of young offenders in the 1980’s. Neville Husband and Lesley Johnson were convicted of sexually abusing boys at Medomsley in 2003 and have since died. Members of our team have successfully obtained five-figure settlements for victims of abuse at Medomsley and we are currently working for other former inmates. Durham Police are encouraging victims of the centre to come forward as part of their investigation. We would also like to hear from anyone who has suffered similar abuse.

Fort Augustus Abbey School

Fort Augustus Abbey School in the Scottish Highlands has been the subject of a recent BBC investigation and documentary. The documentary entitled, Sins of our Fathers, reported that in the 1970s, over 50 boys were sexually abused by the catholic monks who were working at the school and it’s prep school, Carlekemp. The Benedictine order of monks who ran the school and the Catholic Church in Scotland have apologised for the abuse and the fact that it was deliberately covered up for so many years. Members of our team are currently working on behalf of some of the victims of Fort Augustus. We would like to hear from any more people who have suffered similar abuse or have any information about the School.

Church Army – abuse at HMP Manchester (Strangeways)

Members of our team have previously settled cases involving sexual abuse that took place at Strangeways/HMP Manchester. The Claimant was sent to an adult prison while under the age of 18 and whilst there was sexually abused by a Church Army Captain. The Church Army Captain was not employed by the prison and so there were complicated issues surrounding who was responsible for the abuse suffered by the Claimant. After negotiation the case was successfully pursued against the Church Army and significant compensation was awarded. The team would like to hear from anyone else that has suffered similar abuse.

St Williams

Members of our team worked for more than three years representing over 190 claimants in the group action in relation to the St Williams childrens home, Market Weighton, East Yorkshire, where boys were subjected to both significant sexual and physical abuse over a period of 30 years until the school was finally closed down in 1992. A Supreme Court ruling in November 2012 widened the law in respect of vicarious liability. These are highly complex cases in respect of issues of limitation, liability and causation and the clients being some of the most vulnerable people in society. The former principal of the home, James Carragher was sentenced in 1993, received a seven-year custodial sentence and subsequently received a further 14 years in 2004.

Chevet Hey

Chevet Hey was the subject of criminal enquiries, and despite individual claims being outside of the 3 year time limit members of our team have successfully obtained compensation for individuals. Claims have been settled against Flintshire County Council. Using their specialist knowledge on how the 3 year time limit applies to cases such as this the team was able to extend the 3 year time limit.

Solar Centre, St Catherine’s Hospital, Doncaster

A member of our team successfully represented a number of the claimants in relation to abuse that took place at the Solar Centre between 2005 and 2007. The Solar Centre was a day centre facility in the grounds of St Catherines hospital in Doncaster under the Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust. The claimants were all severely handicapped adults and were subjected to physical and emotional abuse over a period of 2 years. The four alleged abusers were eventually charged after the Crown Prosecution Service re-opened the matter following an internal investigation.

Danesford Community Home, Cheshire

Danesford cases formed part of a large group litigation. The home was operated by the National Children’s Homes. In one notable case handled by members of our team, the client had been resident at Danesford for several years and during that time was physically and sexually abused. The team’s specialist and detailed knowledge about the background to these cases meant that they were able to identify that the allegations were being made against someone who had been investigated by the police, overcoming many of the problems that could have caused the case to be unsuccessful. The case settled without the need for court proceedings to be issued.

HMP YOI Portland

Team members have recently settled cases for abuse that took place while teenagers were in custody at HMP YOI Portland. The member of staff concerned at HMP YOI Portland had been dismissed for similar incidents of abuse. The client had suffered serious physical abuse while in custody. The Defendant denied liability and said that the claimant was outside of the time limit that applies to compensation claims. The solicitor handling the case pursued the case to court and after preparing for trial the case settled just before the trial was due to take place. The team would be pleased to help others that have suffered similar abuse.